Friday, November 20, 2009

Five Question Friday: November 20th

It's the Friday before the last home college football game in my town, my alma mater has not been doing that hot this season but hopefully we will have a win tomorrow! GO NOLES! And it's also the Friday before Thanksgiving! I'll be going to Louisiana to visit family next week and I couldn't be more excited!

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Anyways, here's this weeks Five Question Friday brought to you by Mama M.

1. Are you a Black Friday shopper?
Depends on what's out there and if it's a good deal. This year I most likely will be, along with my aunt, mother, and cousins.

2. What was your favorite childhood toy? (Think Easy Bake Oven, Cabbage Patch Kid, Shrinky Dinks, etc.)
PlayMobile, Nintendo, American Girl Dolls, GrandChampion Horses

3. Favorite Christmas movie?
It's a Wonderful Life (I know it's the classic favorite, but my mom got me hooked!)

4. What is the "must have" item on your Christmas list this year?
KitchenAid Standing Mixer! :)

5. Do you go all out with decorations or do you keep it simple and classy?
I LOVE CHRISTMAS and decorating for it is the highlight of my year. Not only do I decorate my own house, but I go to my parent's house to decorate theirs. If I could open a business decorating houses for Christmas I would, it's my favorite thing to do!

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  1. I forgot about my American Girl Dolls. I loved them and all the books that went along with it. There were only like 5 dolls then now I think there are a ton... cant wait until I can pull them out for my little one. Have a good weekend girl

  2. I don't think American girl dolls were around when I was a kid??

    I would love for someone to come to my house and decorate for christmas! I can never do it as pretty as I see in everyone's pictures.

  3. I love that you decorate your parents house for the holidays too. Last year, I got a chance to do both for the first time... it was a lot of work!!!


  4. wow, where do you live? I want you to come decorate my house for Christmas! lol

  5. Christmas decorating is awesome!! And, the baking!! I usually hate baking...but not for Christmas!!

  6. I love that you decorate your parents also. I think you have a great idea for a small seasonal business.

  7. Stand mixer!! Thats a GREAT item for you list!

  8. I totally forgot about Nintendo!! Now THAT was my favorite toy as a kid. I keep asking my husband to find me an old school Nintendo, with Super Mario Brothers 1, 2, and 3! :)

  9. What a good idea!! Starting a "decorating for Christmas" business!! I would love that!!

  10. I *love* your blog design!! Super cute!

  11. Kitchenaid mixers are great! My mom never had one, but my mother-in-law insisted on getting us one, which I thought was silly. Man was I wrong.


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