Friday, January 15, 2010

Five Question Friday: January 15th

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It's that time again, which by the way is something I look forward to every week... and yes I think the weeks are getting shorter and shorter, where does the time go?!

So, here's the deal... copy and paste the following questions to your blog, answer them, then head on over to Mama M.'s and link up! Oh and rumor has it if we break 100 this week she's gonna have a 5QF Giveaway, how awesome is that!?! So what are you waiting for... do it to it!

1. Worst trouble you ever got into as a teenager?
My junior year I skipped school with my best friend and we went to Steak-n-Shake and to the mall to go shopping, I would have never gotten caught until someone cut me off right before a redlight and I rear-ended them. My dad is my insurance agent and I had to call him since the lady I hit was in a rental car. I lost my car for a month and was grounded that whole time, I couldn't go anywhere except for school, cheer practice, or my soccer games.
2. Are you a morning person or a night person?
Def not a morning person, but if I have to get up before 9am I am functional. I'm a night person, and have been most of my life. :)
3. Are you a one-handed or a two-handed Texter?
I can text one handed but I have a phone that has the whole keyboard so it's easier to text two-handed.
4. Democrat, Republican, or Independent..or maybe even Green Party (whatever that is).
Registered Republican, but I work with politics and they all are corrupt. I have my own set of beliefs that are a conservative mix of both.
5. Are you a pet person?
Yes, I love animals. I have dogs and fish. I'm allergic to cats but I still like them as long as they are outside and I feed the stray that lives in the woods next to my house. I would probably adopt every dog that is homeless if I had the room and finances :)

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  1. CUTE blog!!

    Great answer for #4 - if I hadn't already answered - I might have borrowed this one!

    And - I LOVE dogs, too - my hubby and I have even (only sort of joking) talked about starting an animal rescue.

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