Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu Planning Monday: First of 2010

WOW, it's 2010... mixed feelings here, I feel like this last year has flown by and things are already picking up speed here. I blame it on being out of college and in the real world, and I heard when you're married and have kids time flies even more... eek! good thing I'm not in that boat yet maybe I can still save a little bit of time! Anyways back to Menu Planning since I've been out of town for a couple weeks... oh and I'm sticking with this time theme and going for quick fix meals this week!

Monday: Taco Night with Queso dip of course!
Tuesday: White Bean soup (it's in the William-Sonoma catalog)
Wednesday: Stuffed Chicken with Caesar salad
Thursday: Ground Turkey & Ricotta Pasta Bake
Friday: Lime-Honey Salmon (from Dreamy Dish)
Saturday: Date Night
Sunday: Leftovers or Pizza

By the way, you should make your New Years Resolution to participate in I'm an Organization Junkie's Menu Plan Monday. I promise that it will be worth it :)


  1. Weird that I came across your blog today...I got the William-Sonoma catalog in the mail yesterday, and I'm making the White Bean Soup tonight! BTW...very cute site!

  2. I just went to check out that turkey/ricotta pasta bake and OMG IT SOUNDS DELICIOUS!! I love make-ahead recipes. How funny that it totally got gobbled up before you could snap a pic! Haha :)

  3. What a fabulous idea....I try to be that organized each week but it usually doesn't happen- at least not in the kitchen;)


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