Friday, January 22, 2010

One Benefit of Living in Florida

It's January 22nd and we have the most beautiful weather.
75 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze!

(eastern view from my office window, that's the First Baptist Church)

I've been stuck at the office all day today but I can't wait to be off work and enjoy this weather, hopefully it stays for a bit! It would be nice to spend a Saturday outside or have a Sunday afternoon picnic. This weather is such a BIG change from yesterday's nasty storm, that included tornadoes in the county south of us (thankfully they never touched down) and also a pleasant change from the frigid weather we had a few weeks ago, seriously did you see my post about Florida Snow, I wouldn't call it snow but still it was kinda cool. Oh weatherman please keep this sunshine here for at least another day. Well, now to finish up some last minute things at the office then home free to enjoy the rest of the evening!

Happy Friday yall! :)


  1. Oh I'll take some of that, please! I should be right there with you seeing as I live in SoCal and all but we've had a week of rain and are looking at more rain next week, too. What gives??

  2. What a lovely view. Hope everyone gets a little sun shining on them too!

  3. It's such a small world! I lived there for 12 years before moving to small town Kentucky. Now I have four seasons and love life, but I miss it there.


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