Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Memories

I remember one Valentine's Day more than any others I experienced through my highschool and college years. This boy that I kinda liked who went to another high school, we couldn't drive so I'm guessing it was our sophomore year. He worked with my hs best friend, she kinda set us up. He came to see me cheer at any sport us cheerleaders had to attend, we talked on AOL/AIM (haha), and I think went to the movies with some friends. Well, he had invited me over for dinner on Valentine's Day, the week before he would ask me what my favorite foods were. Valentine's Day night my dad dropped me off at his house (his mom was there and maybe a few other relatives), but I was sent to the back porch, where Christmas lights were strung around, candles out, table set, a chocolate heart and a stuffed animal of some sort set out for me. Our dinner had Publix sushi as an appetizer, steak and shrimp that he cooked on the grill, and a bunch of other things with them. It was really sweet, he actually made an effort to make sure to have everything that I love. We went to a movie afterwards, and he asked me to be his 'girlfriend', we didn't date for much longer but we're still friends to this day. I still find it kinda cute though.

Last year, my Chihuahua Gracie was ready to come home from the breeders on Valentine's weekend, it was great to have her finally home with me. Also, my mom came up to have sushi and go to the movies with me since my dad was out of town. This year I have no idea what Valentine's weekend/day will bring, but I'll be sure to let you know!

Do you have any Valentine's Day memories that stick out more than any other?

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