Friday, March 19, 2010

Cajun Spice Mixture

I love spicy foods and Cajun seasoning, but I've found that the store-bought kind varies and isn't always spicy enough or is way too spicy. I've started making my own, kinda an adaptation from Emeril's recipe and my own taste buds. This will fit in the average pizza spice/Parmesan cheese spice shaker.

2TBSP paprika
2TBSP salt
2TBSP garlic powder
1TBSP black pepper
1TBSP onion powder
1TBSP Cayenne pepper
1TBSP dried oregano
1TBSP dried thyme

Now this is the basic ingredient list, which will give you a little kick to any chicken or seafood you add this too.

Additionally you may add 1TBSP red pepper flakes, if you want to spice it up. It will make a HUGE difference and will be spicy, spicy, spicy. Which is how I like it :)

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  1. Yum I love a good spice rub! I'll have to show my boyfriend this he's the BBQ guru at our house. Your blog is adorable!


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