Thursday, May 13, 2010

Afternoon Snack Wrap

Need an afternoon energy boost that's not in the form of a drink!
How about an easy tasty and nutritious wrap!
I used some ingredients that are always found in my house to make this delicious snack!
All you need is:
- wrap (I used sun-dried tomato, but any flavor can be used)
- a handful of diced cucumbers
-a handful of diced tomatoes
- feta cheese (to your liking)
- one tablespoon plain Greek yogurt (or just plain yogurt)
- hummus

Spread a generous portion of hummus on your wrap, then add the veggies and feta cheese to the middle. Then top with the yogurt. Then fold your wrap: Fold in one side of the wrap just past the center; be sure to cover the filling entirely with the wrap, then fold in the other side of the wrap to overlap the first side. Enjoy :)

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